During his extensive career, Giuseppe Bosio has had to handle complaints related to product faults and/or document errors caused by the input of incorrect data.

In over thirty five years working for leading industrial firms and providing consulting services for projects involving creation, production and sale (see the résumé section), he has gained solid expertise, perfected by attending several professional training courses, giving him an in-depth understanding of the dynamics in manufacturing and sales that have an impact on negotiations between a company and its customers.

Thanks to his significant work experience, he has come to understand the importance of keeping in regular contact with customers, not just to maintain a positive relationship with them, but also to turn problems into opportunities, which can only be achieved through a diplomatic and sensitive approach based on years of experience.

Giuseppe Bosio has these qualities, putting him in an ideal position to manage a team whose remit is to solve customer complaints, so that technical and sales staff do not have to take a stance that could jeopardize their relationship with customers.

The work done by this office guarantees:

  1. Time saved for collecting the information needed to analyse the complaint
  2. Man hours saved so personnel can continue to focus on their own job
  3. Appropriate strategies are in place for interaction with the managers of production/sales/administration to close the complaint
  4. An approach that is not affected by technical and/or commercial constraints
  5. The General Management have the opportunity to take final decisions that are more appropriate considering the complaint and the customer’s importance
  6. Contractual capacities in line to limit financial and commercial damages
  7. Support to the procurement team for specific talks with the suppliers responsible for issues
  8. Optimum consulting for the avoiding of recurring problems.


A professional focusing specifically on these aspects is the equivalent of an extremely high-calibre business card, enhancing the acknowledged authority and prestige of a company in its markets.