Knitted fabric


We should start by explaining what “KNITTED FABRIC” is and what are its main features. Knitted fabric is made by taking a section of yarn and folding it over to form a loop during the fabric manufacturing process.There are two main types of knitting machines: Weft knitting machines Warp knitting machines Both systems use needles Read more about Knitted fabric[…]

Rugs and Carpet

Tappeti moquette

Flatweave rugs  Flatweave rugs have a woven canvas (1/1) backing  and are generally made by hand. Pile rugs In addition to the traditional fabric backing with warp and weft – they are also made using a mechanical system to insert the yarn that forms the upper surface of the pile. There are also rugs whose pile Read more about Rugs and Carpet[…]

Nonwoven fabric

Tessuto non tessuto

“Nonwoven fabrics” are described as: a flat structure made entirely or substantially out of fibres arranged irregularly or in a specific pattern, that are connected to each another by being mechanically (tied) or chemically (glued) bonded together.   Nonwoven fabrics are measured in terms of their density/cm2-inch2. They are made by depositing the loose fibres Read more about Nonwoven fabric[…]