Giuseppe Bosio was born on December 22nd 1956 at Leffe, the heart of the Valseriana textile manufacturing industry. After the war, his home town become known around the world on account of its booming textile industry, and it was here that he learnt to appreciate traditional ways and acquired a passion for innovation.

After finishing high school, he started working for the family business. In February 1981, he accepted a job offer and stayed at the same company for the next sixteen years, providing technical support to the Sales team at “RADICI TESSUTI”, a leading firm in the production of synthetic fabrics.

These were vital years for his professional training. Working for a firm that did business all around the world, he had the opportunity to attend numerous trade fairs in the main cities in Europe, becoming familiar with the demands of international customers. He also developed the relationship building skills you need to work with customers, helped by his knowledge of foreign languages from his school days.

The skills he acquired helped him to take on another important challenge.

In 1997, he started to work with “Tessuti di Pordenone spa”, a “BENETTON” group company, managing the sale of cotton fabrics.

Three years later he accepted a position as manager of the orthogonal fabrics division at “SITIP”, one of largest companies specialising in manufacturing circular and warp-knitted fabrics in the world. His new employer provided a very interesting environment, as  it had all the production categories under one roof that he had got to know in his previous jobs, and also worked in many different markets. This gave him the possibility to extend his knowhow of several very important fields, both in terms of volume and their technical content.

In 2008 he started to offer his services on a freelance basis as a consultant for the production of textile collections, from casual and technical apparel to items for digital printing, making products for special applications that demand specific technical properties.

During this period, he was also actively providing training in order to give people operating in various fields the skills and information they needed to work in textiles.

His consolidated knowledge of control system procedures used in production (such as ISO 9000) and his extensive experience, put him in an ideal position for organising various offices within a company: from handling customer service, to analysing complaints in-house, including final negotiations with the customers and suppliers involved.

In the last three years, he has worked with various publishing houses, writing articles and regular columns on the use of fabrics in digital printing. This line of work has offered him the opportunity to come into contact with the most innovative firms currently on the market; state of the art businesses for their use of cutting edge technology for the production and finishing of fabrics.